Judith Cuara
Oct 26, 2020


Wk9- Art Activity – Student choice, Part 2

2. My original vision was transferring my sketch I did onto a canvas and using acrylic and watercolors to give it color. I also wanted to put the light glare in it.

3. My project differed from the my original because I didn’t end up using acrylic paint but just using watercolor. I also didn’t do the light glare thing because there was no sun the day I did it.

4. I like the outcome of my project but if I sticked to the original vision it would of have came out better. It was my first time using watercolor on canvas so now I know how to go from it when I use it again.

5. Due to my time, I left it to last minute. It was actually helpful though because I got to practice my speech in my head while painting. So I was killing two birds with one stone. My project got weaker in a sense because of the time I had and me arranging things kind of made it difficult to see it how I wanted too.

6. My original vision was to apply juxtaposition in a piece putting a turtle , astronaut and a giraffe in space or water however so the viewer can interpret it however they like. I added the flowers because I thought they would pop up and give more detail to my artwork.

7. Something I would do differently would be sticking with my plan and setting a plan where I would take time and not feel rushed throughout doing it.