Judith Cuara
Oct 21, 2020

Wk 8 — Art Activity -Student Choice, Part 1

  1. In this project I will like to transfer my drawing of things I put onto this paper onto a canvas and put color to it. I would use pencil to transfer it onto the canvas and than use bold black pen to bold the details.
  2. I would like to bring color onto this image. I want to use acrylic paint & water color to bring this vision together. I never used water color paint on canvas so that’s something new I’m interested in doing.
  3. I would need a canvas, water color paint, acrylic paint, brushes and a bold black pen and pencil.

4. Time is something I’m worried about. This week is a busy week for me because I’m taking an exam and creating a speech in which I need to record and present to others. Maybe the use of doing this will lower my stress level and take a break. After I’m done adding color to the canvas, I would like to recreate the glair of rainbow light there is in the photo.