Judith Cuara
4 min readSep 6, 2020


Wk 2- Activity – Virtual: Worlds

Blog Post :

  1. Entered the world of Club Penguins
Evelyn & I playing soccer in Club Penguins. ( I am the yellow & she is the turquoise penguin)

2. Place: The physical places such as the schools are different from what we have now in what we call “zoom university” because of the way we interact with one another which is through a communication server. This makes it different on us in ways to participate, notice one's attention, and actually have human interaction. When it comes to the physical place we were able to still go to class and probably just stay there in the back which made my teacher involve us in any way they can such as in discussion or even talking to those around us. Now with zoom, it gives one the choice to be able to just turn off their cameras which leaves other students as well as the teacher to wonder whether they are participating or just being there for the credit. Not only that but in school, we can’t turn off an image as to where we would in the zoom, we would just have to pass through the interaction with one another.

3. Place: The virtual word I visited was Club Penguin. Not a lot of people were on when I went to play but later on that day I met up with a new friend in the art class named Evelyn. For a little bit, it did make me feel as if I were in a place because of the different activities there was to do in the world but was limited to certain activities. This made it feel like a place than Instagram because it had activities in which one can do with others as on Instagram you just creating an identity for yourself or showing it to other people. They are both similar because you never know who you will meet. There are a variety of people who use both servers which leads to meeting new people and having things in common.

4. I would compare club penguin to the mall because it’s a place where you can just meet up with your friends and do the different activities there are with them as one would in the mall. Something different is that you aren’t able to actually do certain things like eat food or a snack or actually have the experience of getting to know someone. The virtual place has it’s down to certain people who don’t have a device to get this game to communicate with others.

5. Conclusion: This experience has got me thinking that a place does not necessarily have to be a physical place but can be considered something virtual if you put your mind to it and you feel the same as if you were in the physical world. A place to me is considered somewhere in your surroundings where you feel comfortable expressing your own thoughts and feelings with others who share the same kind and aren’t judgmental. It’s the feeling you get from the physical world that makes you consider something a place.

6. Identity: Instagram and Facebook is the online version of people interacting with one another such as using it to communicate with one another to make plans or get an update of what they're doing in their life. It is not a massively multiplayer online role-playing game it is more of an autobiography of a person's life creating their identity of things they like doing and posting about it. It’s the new way of meeting people and connecting to them since we aren’t able to because of COVID-19.

7. I never really thought about life being a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. I usually thought that gaming was somewhere people would go to escape from reality and create a new identity for themselves but now it is used as a form of reality to communicate with others.