Wk 12 — Art Activity- New Friends

Judith Cuara
2 min readNov 16, 2020

2. I didn’t really know who my partner was until I did this activity with her. I didn’t even know she was part of my art class and majoring in business management.

3. After doing this activity, I feel like I know her more than just her name and major. I found out that we are both freshmen who are adjusting to something new which is attending college through zoom and trying to make new friends through it. I also noticed that we play a game called among us when we are bored or just want to take a break from doing homework. We both are struggling with managing our time and being able to get our assignments done but we have each other to get us through the day by motivation.

4. It seems a little difficult trying to make friends in a time of pandemic isolation because we really don’t know their schedule when they are free to talk. As of right now, I believe that this is the best way to make friends since we are living through a pandemic and can’t go out to meet up.

5. Another way in which one can connect with their new friends would be through zoom or facetime. Other ways can be through games or messages.

6. The platform that I used to communicate with my friend was through Instagram direct message. It worked really well because we would text through there to rant about our day and see how it’s going. I would say the message would be a little better but Instagram's direct message is kind of the same.

7. Padlet worked really well! At first, I had to mess around with it to see the different kinds of things it offered. Once I got the hang of it, it was easy to use and work around with. I can’t think of another platform that is better than Padlet but Prezi seems like a decent platform that is formed as a presentation.

8. If my goal was a professional connection then I would use facetime or zoom to contact my friend.