Week 8 — Artist — Joseph DeLappe & Micol Hebron

Judith Cuara
3 min readOct 20, 2020

Artist: Micol Hebron

Media: Video Art, Performance Art, Media Art

Website: https://hyperallergic.com/tag/micol-hebron/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/ByQn9Ckh2rM/

Artist: Joseph DeLappe

Media: New Media, on-line gaming, Performance Art, Sculpture, and electromechanical installation.

Website: http://www.delappe.net/


Micol Hebron is an Associate Professor at Chapman University who studied at the University of California San Diego, The Accademia De Bella Arti in Venice, Italy, and UCLA. She is an interdisciplinary artist who employs strategies of consciousness-raising, collaboration, generosity, and participation in supporting further feminist dialogues in art and life. Her expertise is in Data visualization, Gender equality; social practice. Some of the new genre she is practicing is Video Art, Performance Art, and Media Art. Hebron uses her artwork to focuses on the political issue of feminism activism. Another artist who focuses his artwork on political issues is a UK-based American Artist named Joseph DeLappe. His artwork explores issues in politics through new media installations and interactive gaming performances. Delappe received his first MFA degree award at San Jose State University in 1990. His online gaming performance, sculpture, and electromechanical installation have been shown throughout the world since 1983 with electronic and new media. Hebron and DeLappe both use Art Media to bring awareness to the political issues that need to be shared and known about.

Both Micol Hebron and Joseph DeLappe have their technique of using Performance Art and New media art to represent political issues in the world. Micol Hebron created the digital Male Nippy Pasty in 2014 to cover up the female nipple in social media and in real life. She came about with this idea when she posted a photo that was taken down by instagram because she posted topless at a breast cancer awarness art auction. Hebron encourage other artist to use her idea of male nipple to cover female nudity to call out the gender inequality of nudity restriction of women and men. Jospeh DeLappe made a online memorial for those who were killed in the Iraq Conflict naming it dead-in-iraq, (2006–2011). His online memoral is a game based performative intervention that pays tribute to the 3rd anniverys of the start of the Iraq conflict. DeLappe entered the online US Army recruiting game, “America’s Army”, to make a memorial for those in the military who lost their lives in the ongoing conflict. He came about this idea by manually going in the game with the user “dead-in-iraq”, and typing the name, age, service branch, and date of death of each service person who has died to date in Iraq, leaving him with the end result of 4484 names in total. He started this project in 2006 and continued the cycle until Decemeber 18, 2011.

Hebron artwork was questioned if it was a form of protest that she had done because of instagram taking her photo down and she replied by saying “ it was an act of institutional critique, and I am critiquing social media, the internet, and patriarchy.” She made the digital Male Nipple Pasty to put on her topless photo of her and her friends who got censored on instrgam and facebook. Using this she invited other people in the social media platform to use her digital Male Nipple Pasty for images of nude women to get “Internet acceptable.” Using media as well, Jospeh DeLapple didn't seek much attention to the media for art but as it developed he eventually saw media as a larger context where it involved our experience with each other, information and communication. He uses his art in media as a form of activism as he did in his work of “dead-in-iraq.” DeLappe finds the online space of computer gaming to be a potential activist and/or creative gestures.