Judith Cuara
3 min readOct 12, 2020

Week 7- Art Idea Essay- The Art of Place

A place allows one to communicate with another expressing their own ideas. It’s a surrounding where one considers going to explore and see new things. It gives us a sense of figuring ourselves by exploring the different cultures there are. This pandemic has put us in one place being our home. Not being able to go out, as usual, is making us feel like our home is somewhere in which doesn’t allow us to explore because of what we already know. I see a place somewhere where I’m able to be adventurous and meet new faces but while I’m stuck home everything is just the same. The pandemic has put me in a place of considering anything a place such as a virtual world or game. One’s home will forever be my a place where one can go back to but with this pandemic, it is something in which makes one want to go out to the world and explorer.

Salvador Dali is a Spanish surrealist artist from the twentieth century who is mainly recognized for his art piece, “Persistence of Memory”. His art piece resembles a hand-painted photograph in detail. Surrealism is the creative potential of the unconscious mind, putting things in juxtaposition to resemble how the thoughts are in the dream state. His art piece, “Persistence of Memory”, illustrates how we observe time within our dream state and outside. The clocks resemble the time passing throughout our lives making us unaware of it. Surrealism is a fantastic dream where people, places, or objects come together in irrational and unexplainable ways. His artwork resembles a place being somewhere in which our state of mind wants us to be in. Before the pandemic, we considered our home as a place where we would go to relax and spend time with our family and our room as a place where we would care for ourselves. Now our state of mind sees our room as a workplace to study and go to classes, creating our own spare time into a workplace. It’s funny how in school I would say “I want to go home” whereas in now I don’t know where I want to be since my home is considered a workplace for me and my family. His artwork of juxtaposition is useful in showing the concept of how the work-place one studies and their home are in the same place, resembling the pandemic of online school being at home.

A place should be somewhere where the individual should be able to explore and have options in doing things such as having different activities to do. Since we are living through a pandemic most of the things a person considered a place is either canceled or moved into a virtual experience. Our new way of getting to meet people are through social media and having a profile rather than getting to see them face to face. Technology plays a great role in this in which Gen Z are good at since we were born with it and learned throughout our lives whereas baby boomers are more of interacting socially in person.

This is our new “normal”, I believe that there is no going back to how one lived their life. I believe that in the beginning of the 21st century, most people will be more aware of their surroundings and kind of have some fear of being close with others. There still will be virtual events in which we probably are used to by then and more locations would probably be open. Schools will still be online and parents would still have to manage to do work and help their children learn which is stressful.