Week 6 -Art-Activity-Intermedia

  1. The idea I got throughout this week was something that had to do with the discussion debate between Trump & Biden on Wednesday. I wanted to show what had happened for those who had missed out with drawing a simple picture that has specific meaning to it such as the mask Biden is wearing and the “spits” trump is spitting with his mouth blabbering. I wanted people to get the message that Biden said which was to go vote either from it being mail or in person!

5. I think I did well for my first time drawing on my phone. I could of have done better if I didn’t use my finger but a pen thing for phone. My message for the drawing is to show the discussion of what Trump and Biden had on Wednesday with a specific message of the person in the middle to go out and vote with safety precautions.




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Judith Cuara

Judith Cuara

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