Judith Cuara

Oct 5, 2020

2 min read

Week 6 -Art-Activity-Intermedia

  1. The idea I got throughout this week was something that had to do with the discussion debate between Trump & Biden on Wednesday. I wanted to show what had happened for those who had missed out with drawing a simple picture that has specific meaning to it such as the mask Biden is wearing and the “spits” trump is spitting with his mouth blabbering. I wanted people to get the message that Biden said which was to go vote either from it being mail or in person!
  2. The media I used was sketching & drawing, black chalk & my phone device app in which is called drawing desk.
  3. I used a drawing app on my phone called “drawing sketch”. I wanted to try something new and this in a way represent the modern of technology. Maybe art in a few years would be throughout drawings on sketch pads on the phone or some technology device rather than paper. I tried seeing how it will be with my phone. If I had chosen one of the other two I wouldn’t really “experience” how drawing would be through technology. It was difficult drawing on my phone due to the fact that my finger was the utensils and my phone was small but I like how it came out.

5. I think I did well for my first time drawing on my phone. I could of have done better if I didn’t use my finger but a pen thing for phone. My message for the drawing is to show the discussion of what Trump and Biden had on Wednesday with a specific message of the person in the middle to go out and vote with safety precautions.