Week 5 — Bobi Lee Bosson

Week 5 — Bobi Lee Bosson

Artist: Bobi Bosson

Media: Animation, Painting, Sculpture, Print, Graphic designer, Ceramics

Website: https://bobi-lee.com/work

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/barbieleeboss/

Bobby Lee Bosson began her career at Cal State University, Channel Island majoring in animation wanting to become an animator. She focused more on the details in her artwork which eventually was not part of the animation work she was working on. Figuring this out, she took it upon herself to leave animation and join graphic design. This led her to explore the artwork that involved the details she had wanted, leading her to experiment with new mediums. Some of the mediums she tried were ceramics, print work, and sculptures, all of which led her to construct her own ideas. One of her artworks is paying tribute to the political/environmental issue and the other is her current project being feminist entomology. Most of Bossons’ artwork pays tribute to women and their form, as well as the Drag Queens series she has shown, standing for them in their female form.

One of Bobby Lee Bosson’s art pieces, “Jules” on an oil canvas 30" x 40" stood out to me with the vivid colors of blue and red being shown. The colors were contrasting each other creating a centerpiece of a woman’s body viewed from the back. The different values of blue used gives the details she is going for such as the hair and back going from dark to light as if there was a light on the right hitting the body. The texture of the background is a mixture of red/orange color with blue sharp lines that make it look like a brick wall behind the centerpiece of the body. Another piece of Bobby Lee Bosson’s that stood out is “Let Love In” on screen print 13" x 19" with the words of transphobia, Xenophobia, corruption, ableism, homophobia, and BI Erasure. The words that have a negative meaning to it seem to be labeled and constructed within the bone structure of a chest, each having their unique strong color to make them stand out. Love is a word that contrast these words and its font is much bigger and found around the bone structure repeatedly. There is also a vivid bright red heart behind the bone structure of the chest with the words “I Resent” in the middle.

Bosson’s painting “Jules,” was emotionally driven by Monet, Manet, and Degas. This art piece focuses on the performance and prostitution going on with women. It shows the feature of women selling their bodies or imitating how they live in the society. Along doing painting she also tried screen printing which made her become a better designer. It is a perfect balance for digital and traditional work she has done. Through screen printing she found a way to express her own voice. She was influenced by Corita Kent, Milton Glaser, Saul Bass, and Shepard Fairey in her art piece “Let Love In.” This art piece resonates with the emotional responses to current events.

Female reputation is shown throughout Bobi Lee Bosson art pieces making it something important for her. I see her point, women in most societies are looked down upon and her artwork puts them in the centerpiece in a way showing the attention they get and feel. The way she creates her art pieces are thoughts in which she sketches at a certain moment and finds a place for it later in her art pieces. I found it interesting how doing this led her to create her unique art pieces. Might try this with the doddles I do when I am bored and see what kind of art piece I get.