Week 15- Choice

  1. For this week other students and I choose to surprise two of my professor by making something little to acknowledge them for helping me through the semester while going through this pandemic and still being able to be positive and motivate us.
  2. The reason we choose this…

Before taking this class I had taken a class called Theory of Knowledge my senior year in High school that went into depth on what art was. So at the beginning of the semester, I already had an idea of what art is such as it literally being anything one…

  1. Medical Receptionist — HealthCare Partners Temporary Staffing Unit in Long Beach.

What do they do?

A medical receptionist responsibility is to provide patient-orientated service in a clinical or front office setting who also perform a variety of clerical and administrative duties related to the delivery of the patient care, including…

Wk9- Art Activity – Student choice, Part 2

2. My original vision was transferring my sketch I did onto a canvas and using acrylic and watercolors to give it color. I also wanted to put the light glare in it.

3. My project differed from the my original because I…

Wk 8 — Art Activity -Student Choice, Part 1

  1. In this project I will like to transfer my drawing of things I put onto this paper onto a canvas and put color to it. I would use pencil to transfer it onto the canvas and than use bold black pen…

Artist: Micol Hebron

Media: Video Art, Performance Art, Media Art

Website: https://hyperallergic.com/tag/micol-hebron/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/ByQn9Ckh2rM/

Artist: Joseph DeLappe

Media: New Media, on-line gaming, Performance Art, Sculpture, and electromechanical installation.

Website: http://www.delappe.net/


Micol Hebron is an Associate Professor at Chapman University who studied at the University of California San Diego, The…

Week 7- Art Idea Essay- The Art of Place

A place allows one to communicate with another expressing their own ideas. It’s a surrounding where one considers going to explore and see new things. It gives us a sense of figuring ourselves by exploring the different cultures there are. This…

Judith Cuara

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